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Toronto Scooter Lessons

About Toronto Scooter Lessons


Toronto Scooter Lessons will be taking place at our private Indoor Skatepark located at 932 St Clair Ave West. Find out more information HERE

Springtime and Fall


Our Toronto Scooter Lessons operate out of Lawrence Park Skatepark and Ashbridges Skatepark. Spring lesson programs are offered on weekends and weeknights in May and June. Fall Lessons take place from September through early November. Camper’s are dropped off at the park and work side by side with our qualified coaches on their scooter riding skills!

The scooter lesson plans are designed for boys & girls aged 6-14 of all levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate. We ensure that kids are being challenged, engaged and can make the most of their time with us, regardless of their initial skill level. 

Our lesson programs are designed as 4,6 and 8 week consecutive programs, allowing participants to develop new skills at a progressive rate. 


Location, Dates & Pricing


For Spring our Toronto Scooter Lessons takes place on at Ashbridges Bay Skate Park, located at 1695 Queen St. and at Lawrence Park Skatepark, located at 640 Lawrence Ave W.

In the winter we operate out of 932 St Clair Ave West. 

** Program cancellations may occur if minimum registration is unavailable **

Equipment Needed For Scooter Lessons

Proper equipment is needed for our scooter lessons to be safe and successful. Here is a list of equipment you will need for your child to attend our lesson programs:

  • A scooter
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards
  • A scooter helmet (bicycle or hockey helmets not are not allowed)
  • Lunch & water bottle

**Purchase your gear now from our camp store**

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